Month: December 2019

Step 11: reset password

Reset password form is similar to existing forms; here’s what it looks like under test found in reset-password.spec.ts: There’s also a lot of refactoring in this PR. Happy New Year everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers,Andrew

Step 10: TransferState for optimal SSR

In this PR we finalize our SSR with TransferState – a module for optimal SSR performance that allows preventing the browser to repeat API requests just used by the server to render the page. Here’s a good article on how it works: There’s also a little bit of refactoring and housekeeping. Our SSR gets …

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Step 9: lottie animations

Lottie is a cool animation library from Airbnb, they have a lot of freebies at LottieFiles, why don’t we use them. Integrating lottie into an Angular app is elementary – we just install ng-lottie and adding an actual animation is just a few lines of code, see email-sent.component.html: Nice and easy, and it looks amazing …

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HODLers are the nodes

One way to think about Blockchain is as a graph of nodes talking to each other: But nodes are meaningless without the users. A better mental model is to think about the nodes of this graph as of HODLers with the software necessary to play the game. You literally need just 3 people to play …

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Step 7: receive bitcoin

The actual Bitcoin transactions and Lightning Network invoices are going to be handled by core – it’s not yet part of this Pull Request, but we’re preparing for it by adding backend-shared, a library with interfaces and enums shared between backend and core, see angular.json: Here, we introduce the first two core API urls in …

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Step 6: backend

In this Pull Request, we are adding a backend to our project. We will be using PosgreSQL database running in a Docker container in our local development environment. We will also upgrade Angular to version 8, just because it came out recently and there’s no reason not to keep our dependencies fresh. We will begin …

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